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2017-April Bransford Breakfast
2017-April PK - 12 Breakfast
2017-April Greenbrier Ele. Breakfast ON THE GO
2017-April 6-12 Breakfast ON THE GO
2017-April RCAP Breakfast

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2017-April Bransford Lunch
2017-April PK-5 Lunch
2017-April 6-8 Lunch
2017- April 9-12 Lunch
2017-April RCAP Lunch
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                   SCHOOL CAFETERIA                 PARFAIT OFFERED

Tuesday & Thursday          COOPERTOWN MIDDLE CAFETERIA            Wednesday & Friday

Tuesday & Wednesday        EAST ROBERTSON HIGH CAFETERIA          Monday & Thursday

Monday & Friday                  GREENBRIER HIGH CAFETERIA                 Tuesday & Thursday

Monday, Wednesday, Friday  GREENBRIER MIDDLE CAFETERIA             Tuesday & Thursday

Tuesday & Friday                    JO BYRNS HIGH CAFETERIA               Monday & Wednesday

Monday & Thursday              SPRINGFIELD HIGH CAFETERIA                Friday & Wednesday

Monday & Wednesday          SPRINGFIELD MIDDLE CAFETERIA           Tuesday & Thursday

Tuesday & Friday          WHITE HOUSE HERITAGE ELEM. CAFETERIA   Monday & Wednesday

Tuesday & Thursday  WHITE HOUSE HERITAGE HIGH CAFETERIA   Monday & Wednesday      

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