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Greenbrier Elementary School will enable all students to achieve high levels of learning by aligning best practices to show continuous improvements that focus on personal and academic success to lead them to be future leaders.

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Information from Bobbi Lussier, Assistant Commissioner, Division of School Readiness and Early Learning:

A goal has been set by the Tennessee Department of Education for 60% of all Tennessee third graders being proficient or advanced in reading by 2014-2015.  Research tells us that children who struggle with reading in third grade will continue to struggle in school, substantially reducing their chances of graduating from high school.  We want to bring your attention to a valuable new resource which will assist the efforts of schools and parents to increase reading achievement of children in the early grades.

A new website,, has been developed to assist teachers, parents, and community members as they work together for the benefit of young children.  The overall purpose of the website is to facilitate an understanding of the new common core curriculum standards implemented fully in 2014-2015 and the increased expectations for learning.  The easy to navigate online toolkits on the website are designed to provide informational tools to help our children, birth through 3rd grade, learn reading skills to achieve success.

The reading portal is a joint project developed through a partnership of various agencies, educators, administrators and reading experts to share successful learning strategies and activities.  You will find specific toolkits designed to provide information on research based strategies for teachers to improve student learning, activities for families to support learning, and ideas for community members to help schools succeed.


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