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From the office:

All car riders will be issued a new car tag this school year.  If you have not requested a car tag, please send in the blue or yellow car tag request form as soon as possible.

As of September 8th, the new tag will be REQUIRED to pick up students from the car rider line.  After this date, parents/guardians without their newly assigned car tag will have to park, come into the office, and present identification to pick up their student(s).



School Hours

Doors Open -- 7:00 a.m

School Starts -- 7:30 a.m.

Dismissal -- 2:30 p.m.





FOR 2015-2016



During the JULY 29-31 registration period, families will be asked to produce two different proofs of residency TO THE OFFICE AT GREENBRIER ELEMENTARY as required in the DOJ Settlement Agreement. Only 911 addresses of parent/legal guardian can be used.  Post Office boxes are not acceptable. (Exception: Homeless as defined by federal law). Acceptable proofs of residency are:


  • Property Tax Records
  • Mortgage document/property deed
  • Income Tax Documents
  • Lease agreement/rent receipts including date, amount and names of

persons who made and received payments

  • Utility Bill (issued within the last 3 months of the date of verification)
  • State or Government issued ID
  • Voter precinct identification
  • Affidavit - certifying address as student’s primary residence (Student resides Mon-Thurs or the majority of nights per month)

Note: In addition to the terms for establishing residency, a non-parental custodian of an enrolling student other than a legal guardian shall provide a notarized document stating his/her relationship to the student, that the student will reside at his/her home full time for the length of the upcoming school year, and explaining in detail the preference for this arrangement.




GES Mission Statement

We believe in helping children

Grow in Ability,

Excel in Knowledge, and

Succeed in Life

GES Vision

Greenbrier Elementary School will enable all students to achieve high levels of learning by aligning best practices to show continuous improvements that focus on personal and academic success to lead them to be future leaders.

Contact GES

2658 Highway 41 South

Greenbrier, TN 37073

Phone: (615) 643-4529

Fax: (615) 643-0238

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