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Jo Byrns Elementary Students Celebrate Reading

Students at Jo Byrns Elementary School participated in a school-wide Reading Kick Off day on Wednesday, Aug. 26.


Principal Sarah Jane Moore said the day was intended to get her pre-k to grade-5 students motivated and excited about reading.  Teachers dressed the part of book characters to emphasize the importance of reading to their classrooms.



Motivational speaker Rory Vaden began the school day with an address to students that encouraged them develop a love of reading.  By becoming life-long learners, he said, they could choose any profession they desired. After Mr. Vaden’s address, the day also included a book parade, guest readers and themed grade-level activities centered on specific books and authors.


Special guest readers included Mandy Fuqua, Terri Simmons, James Marshall, Sherry Hall, Buddy Bryant, Sharon Love, Tracie Anderson, Eric Taylor, and Lyle Payne.



Mrs. McKinney, the school librarian, used the day to introduce students to Accelerated Reader incentives.  



Moore said the day was structured around encouraging students to understand the value of reading.


“The purpose of the Reading Kick Off Day was to inspire students to truly enjoy reading,” she said.  “At JBES, I want students to see the value and importance in




Posted: 08/31/15