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Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment scores released

On Tuesday, August 19, the Tennessee Department of Education released school-specific data based on the 2013-2014 TCAP and EOC assessments.  Robertson County Schools is pleased to report that 6 of its schools met all of their Annual Measurable Objectives in the area of math and language arts achievement.  The objectives are based on the achievement of particular grades the previous year.

The schools that reached all of their Annual Measurable Objectives were:

•    Krisle Elementary School           
•    Coopertown Middle School
•    Springfield Middle School
•    Jo Byrns High School
•    East Robertson High School
•    Springfield High School

Also released was the statewide list of Focus Schools, and Priority Schools.  Priority Schools are those schools that performed in the lowest 5 percentile of the state over the past three years.  Robertson County had no schools classified as Priority Schools.  Focus schools are identified as those schools with the lowest 10% of achievement or the largest 10% of gaps between the achievements of particular subgroups.  The district had four of these schools.  Three of them, Jo Byrns High, WH Heritage High, and Watauga Elementary were classified as focus schools due to the gap between the achievement of students with disabilities and those students without disabilities.  The fourth school, Springfield Middle School was mistakenly identified earlier as a Reward School for progress, but was changed to a Focus School due to the gap between the achievement of English Language Learners and non-English Language Learners.  In an e-mail send on Wednesday, August 20, from Commissioner Huffman to Director Mike Davis it was stated,  “Springfield Middle School was the only school in the state that was in the preliminary Reward School group, before the removal of other schools from the list under federal rules led to its addition to the Focus list.”

Director Davis stated, “We are pleased that no schools were identified as priority schools, and we look forward to the continued success of all of our schools in our district.  We are elated about the growth in achievement at Springfield Middle School, and are disappointed at the state’s inability to recognize this growth.  We are also proud of the fact that our Algebra 1 achievement was second only to Williamson County in the 10 area middle Tennessee districts.  Throughout the district, we have interventions already in place to close the gaps that have been recognized in our subgroups, and we look forward to the challenge of growing every student in Robertson County.”

On Wednesday, August 20, ACT scores for the graduating class of 2014 were also released.  Robertson County Schools had an increase in the composite average from 18.3 to 18.9 from the year before.  The overall-all state average only increased by .3.  Also the percentage of students meeting all four college readiness benchmarks increased from 10% to 13%.  The state increase was 1%. 

Posted: 08/26/14