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Crestview Construction Continues

Work continues at Crestview Elementary School on Batson Boulevard with the planned August 2015 opening only eight months away.

The second floor is now on the building, initial paving has been put down and interior work has already begun.  Construction Superintendant Hank Hubbs says he expects the facility to be completely roofed within the next month, enabling workers to maintain work schedules on both floors of the building regardless of weather conditions.   Roofing material is already onsite and workers will begin installing it on Dec. 15. 

Hubbs said that, while some cinderblock is still being laid, work on first floor ductwork and conduit is underway, while outside sidewalks are being poured and drainage pipes are being installed.

With approximately half of the construction completed, plans are now being made for staffing and equipping the new facility.  The principal position will be posted soon after the new year and selection for the position is slated for sometime prior to the spring break.  Staffing selections and assignments will follow as the new administrator fills the personnel requirements.

Slated to be one of the largest schools in the RCS system, Crestview will account for more than 850 students and boasts a completely modern dining facility, the latest in classroom and media center technology, and a gym seating more than 900 for school productions and events. Some of the area statistics include a 12,448 sq/ft gym, 4,856 sq/ft dining area, 1,932 sq/ft media center, and a 4,160 sq/ft kitchen.







Posted: 12/11/14