Dr. William Locke, Supervisor


Cathy Watkins , Administrative Assistant

Address: 2121 Woodland Street, Springfield, TN 37172
Phone: 615-384-5588
Fax: 615-384-9749

The Secondary Education Department is responsible for:

Curriculum and Instruction:

  • Implementation of Tennesseee State Curriculum Standards
    • Development of learning targets
    • Development of pacing/sequencing guides with SPIs
    • Attend all State Leadership Training offerings
    • Inform appropriate staff of curriculum changes; register teachers for any state training regarding these changes
    • attend STEM HUB meetings
    • seek approval for all special course requests
  • Robertson County Focus Program
    • Supervise overall aspects of the Robertson County Focus Program and the Robertson County Virtual School
    • Review/purchase of software packages for Focus Program, Virtual School, and alternative credit options.
    • Approval of early graduation requests
    • Submit early graduate requests for board approval
    • Review transcripts of early graduates and Focus Program completers
    • Plan, schedule, and conduct Winter and Summer Commencement Exercises
  • High School Credit
    • Review/approval of credit modification requests
    • Review/approval of Alternative Credit requests
    • Review of Credit Recovery Options.
  • School Programs, Grades 9-12
    • Transcript evaluations-special circumstances.
    • Assist high school counselors with credit issues/scheduling
    • Assist with Testing Coordinator training-all state assessments
    • Tennessee Scholars (in conjunction with the Robertson Chamber of Commerce)
    • Assistance with other Chamber REdI initiatives (Job Shadow, Renaissance, ACT Celebration, etc.)
    • Honors and recognition of graduating seniors
    • Review of school’s Valedictorian/Salutatorian recommendations
    • Oversee 9-12 Summer School program
  • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Assist Supervisor of Data/Accountability with any/all state mandated assessments
    • Keep appropriate personnel informed of assessment changes and challenges as Tennessee moves toward PARCC-like assessments
    • Schedule/register online Gateway testing for post-grad students seeking regular diplomas
  • Aspiring Leaders’ Cohort
    • Advertise and select candidates qualifying for program
    • Schedule monthly training sessions with assistance from other system-level supervisors
    • Provide mentoring for new administrators as needed
  • Library/Media Specialists
    • Supervise Media Specialists at 19 schools.
    • Review purchase requests for library materials
    • Assist the Teacher Center Director as needed