During the week of September 28 - October 2, high school RISE students engaged in the Great Spaghetti Structure Project.  The students partnered up and were given dry spaghetti noodles and gumdrops, and asked to build the tallest and most creative structure they could in one class period.  Here is what they accomplished.  Awards at the bottom of the page!

Jo Byrns:


Here are Doug and Gabe.  I regret that I didn't get pictures of them working, but that is the bane of being the first class to do things ... the ideas get better as the week goes along.  However, Doug and Gabe built a very impressive structure based around the central idea that they wanted it to be castle-esque, with cylinder structures to represent towers on each corner.  It was so sturdy they were able to pick it up and carry it around with ease.


Here it shines in all of its Gumdrop Glory.  It measured 20 inches high.

Springfield High:



Here is the Springfield class working feverishly on their project.  Since they have RISE class during X-Time, they only had thirty minutes to complete this project instead of an entire hour, as the other RISE classes have.  Work fast, kiddos!!


Here are Austin and Cory working on their structure.  It was looking pretty good, but then disaster struck shortly before the bell... 


Oh, the humanity!  It measured 8 inches tall.  Well, better luck next time, boys.  :)


Here are Neilly and Betsy working together...


... and here is their final structure.  In all fairness, I feel I must say that when they left the room to go to class, their structure was still free-standing, but within about a minute and a half it began to collapse on itself and I hurriedly grabbed the spaghetti box and took a picture.  It was a close call!!  Their structure was 34 inches tall!


Here are Ashley and Austin working on their spaghetti structure.  Regrettably, Austin later threw a gumdrop at an opponent and disqualified them from the competition.


Here are Brody and Skylar working on their structure.


Here is their finished version.  From what I overheard, I think they were inspired to make it look like a crane.  Pretty cool!  Their finished product was 22 3/4 inches tall.


Here's Timmy working on his structure.  He was just a blur!!


And here is Timmy's final product.  It was a non-conventional structure, but it was surprisingly sturdy!  It measured 31 1/2 inches tall.


Here are Alexis and Brandi hurriedly working on their structure.  They get extra kudos because they made two structures in the time period since their first one fell down ... and their final one was pretty impressive!!


Not bad at all!  It was certainly the biggest structure in the class, but it measured 32 3/4 inches tall -- just short of Neilly and Betsy's.

Greenbrier High:


Here are the Greenbrier kids, hard at work on their spaghetti structures.  There were several wonderful sculptures that turned into epic fails ... and ... well ... you'll soon see.


Here are Daniel and Shaun, hard at work.  They had conceptualized building pyramids within squares, and believed it could be infinitely stacked given enough time.  However, gumdrops are a harsh mistress, and their structure eventually imploded.  The final height of their structure was 6 inches, and I regrettably do not have a photo of the carnage that ensued.


Here are Jordan and Austin, and their vision was to use several spaghetti noodles to form a thicker foundation and (apparently) to mash the gumdrops into a paste.  Later, after much frustration, they asked if they could just make one long string of spaghetti and hang it from the ceiling.  Oh, me.  It must be *freestanding,* fellas! ...


... and this *is* freestanding ... in theory ...

Due to an overexuberant nature for total annihilation, I did not get a measurement of height before this construction was destroyed, but I would estimate it to be about 12-14 inches tall.


Here are Naomi and Megan, deep in thought about how to make their accomplishment more structurally sound...


... but after several valiant attempts to create extra support beams, Fate was not with them today.  At its highest point, it measured 3 inches tall.


Here are Jessica and Kelsey, confident in their Spaghetti Structure skills.  It must be noted that their structure *was* very tall in stature, but alas...


... twas a sad, sad day in Spaghetti Town.  The highest point of their structure measured 11 1/2 inches tall.


Here are Bradley and Alexa working hard on their spaghetti structure.  This one, too, suffered a dire fate, and Bradley quickly made a new construction before the bell...


With the remains of their other tower at its feet, Bradley proudly shows off his "Obelisk."  Perhaps it *shall* win the award for Most Closely Inspired by Another Architectural Accomplishment, Bradley!  The Obelisk measured 19 3/4 inches tall.


Here are David and Allison, at work on what was easily hailed as the most accomplished piece of the day...


This structure was incredibly sturdy, and David and Allison were very proud of the aesthetic "crescent-shaped curve" at the top.  The statue measured a whopping 47 1/2 inches tall!!!

East Robertson:


Here is the East Robertson High group, ready to tackle the Spaghetti Structure challenge.


Here are Kera and Bryant, busily working on a very creative sculpture that reminds me of those spiderweb-looking domes that used to be on the playground.  However...


It failed to withstand the pressures of time, and melted spectacularly.  It measured 11 inches tall.


Here are Alex and Wade, hard at work on a pretty good lookin' structure...


... and even though it looks like it is in the process of falling, I can attest to the fact that it was NOT.  Alex -- relax, man.  It's okay.  :)  The final structure was 36 1/4 inches tall.


Here are Kendall and Jessie engaged in a frantic yet good-humored shouting match.


And here's their final structure.  Very colorful, ladies!  It measured 29 inches tall.


Here are Shawna and Audrey hard at work at their skyscraper-looking structure.


... and here's their final product.  I didn't have the heart to crop Shawna out of this picture.  She just looks so delightfully wary of her own creation.  Anyway, wary or not, the final measurement was 29 inches tall.


Here are Carrie and Jason working on their own spaghetti masterpiece...


... and here is their final structure!  It measured 38 inches tall.  Not bad, not bad at all! 

White House Heritage


Here is the White House Heritage group hard at work, scrambling to attain more height before class was over.  Tyler and John worked on the spaghetti sculpture for the length of class, and Gary came in about ten minutes before class was over.


Here is Tyler and John's final sculpture.  It was fading fast even as the picture was being taken.  It measured 34 inches tall.



And the Award goes to...

Allison and David, GHS, for the TALLEST STRUCTURE, measuring a staggering 47 1/2 inches tall!

Alex and Wade, ERHS, for the MOST CREATIVE STRUCTURE! (as voted upon by outside judges)

Megan and Naomi, GHS, for the EPIC FAIL AWARD!  (given for the structure that fell the hardest)

Doug and Gabe, JBHS, for the SPICER AWARD, given to the team which exhibited the best teamwork.

Congratulations to all of my hard-working students!