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Faculty and Staff

Below is a listing of the faculty and staff at

White House Heritage High School.

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Faculty (Middle School)


Diana Buck 7th Grade - Reading/Language Arts
Rett Roach 7th Grade - Reading/Language Arts
Holly Hill 7th Grade - Math
Crystal Wix 7th Grade - Math
Tim Shelby 7th Grade - Science
Clay Head 7th Grade - Social Studies
Debbie Ruttenbur 8th Grade - Reading/Language Arts
Ashley Ragon 8th Grade - Reading/Language Arts
Cierra Burden 8th Grade - Math
Krista Bennett 8th Grade - Math
Mary Meeuwis 8th Grade - Science
Pat Rue 8th Grade - Social Studies
Terri Benson Co-Teacher
Renee Eden Co-Teacher

Faculty (High School)

Michelle Page Agriculture
Teresa Grooms Art
J. R. Baker Band
Charles Roach Business
Grace Guill Chorus/Theatre
Allison Kosis Co-Teacher
Heath Mason Co-Teacher
Scott Ballard English
Jessica Crafton English/Journalism
Veda Hurt Engilsh/Yearbook
Chris Logsdon English
Richard Roberts English/AP English Language & Literature
Samantha Kirby Family and Consumer Science
Angie Stoklasa Family and Consumer Science
Amber Presley Health Science
Leslie Barrow History/Geography/Personal Finance
Pat Brown History/Head FB Coach
Joe Holloway Geography/Head Girls BB Coach
Brandon Niblock AP World History/Government/Economics
Janice Scott US History/Contemporary Issues
Vickie Baker Library
Cynthia Roberts Lifeskills
Muriel Barnett Math
Lucas Buck Math
Casey McDonald Math
Tim McDonald Math
Breanne Oldham Math
Patricia York Math
Chance Ballard Physical Education
Hunter Hicks Physical Education
Mike Petrone Physical Education/Head Boys BB Coach
Joe Armistead Science
Linda Burks Science
Kim Wakefield Science
Nora Wolthers Science
Carrie Cayce Spanish
Jordan Tiemeyer



School Counselors

Nicki Fields School Counselor
Christy Croft
School Counselor

Support Staff

Angie Tate Office Manager
Mary Sanders Bookkeeper
Deborah Segars Receptionist/Support Staff
Lori Anne Wilson Cafeteria Manager
Walter Keeler Educational Assistant
Alli Satterfield Educational Assistant
Dottie Rainwater Educational Assistant
Connie Sechler Educational Assistant
Wanda Whittaker Educational Asssitant
Sherry Garrett Guidance Assitant
Mike James SRO
Leighann Johnson School Nurse