General Information

Our school system operates under the direction of a six member school board and a director of schools. Members are elected by popular vote in our county elections. They serve staggered, four-year terms. Our director of schools is appointed by the board members.

Regular meetings are held every second Monday of each month at the board's administrative office located at 800 M.S. Couts Boulevard, Springfield, TN 37172.

When a board meeting date and/or site changes, or a special meeting is needed, public notice will be given.

Primary Function

The primary function of the school board is to develop policies and guidelines for the effective operation of the schools. These policies are available for inspection at the board's office, at each of our schools, and on the Board Policy web site.

Board Members

Board Member Email Board District (Commission Districts)
Demetria White
[email protected]
1 (1 & 8)

Josh White
[email protected]
2 (2 & 3)

Jeff White
Jeff White
Jeff White 
[email protected] 3 (4 & 5)

Rice, Scott

Scott Rice
[email protected] 4 (6 & 10)

Ayers, Stephen
Stephen Ayres
[email protected] 5 (7 & 11)

Connie Hogan
Connie Hogan
[email protected] 6 (9 & 12)

Each Board Member's district covers two County Commission districts. You can download this map of Robertson County Commission Districts and Voting Precincts (PDF)to help determine who your Board Member is. We recommend you view the map at actual size to see all the map's detail (your PDF viewer may scale the document to fit your monitor).

  • 800 M. S. Couts Blvd, Suite 2, Springfield, TN 37172
  • 615-384-5588
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