Krisle Elementary Hosts Multicultural Event

Krisle Elementary Hosts Multicultural Event
Posted on 11/05/2015

A Title 1 Open House was held at Krisle Elementary School on Thursday, October 22, where scholars from Grades 1-5 were given the opportunity to perform a variety of musical experiences learned in music class.  


In music class, all scholars are exposed to different cultures and languages.  First graders performed Mi Cuerpo, a folk song in Spanish about how human bodies can be used to make music with rhythmic patterns within the text.


Grade 2 scholars presented a RuStudents Performingssian folk dance called Sasha, performing parts that they sang along with the pattern of their movements. 


Third grade scholars presented a folk tale from Zimbabwe, called "Nyangara", featuring a python that heals the chief in a small village.  This piece featured school librarian, Ms. Sharon Payton, as the storyteller, with students performing an Orff arrangement throughout the story. In this story, children sing and play the "magic song", Nyangara, Chena.


Through music, students practice and learn the durations of notes, beats, and patterns through various experiences.  Fourth grade students presented a "guided listening" activities by using props to illustrate the note values and elements of music within a piece.   Students presented a kick ball routine to an instrumental version of Uptown Funk. 


Fifth graders presented a piece called Strange Asparagus, arranged by Mark Shelton, featuring a rhythmic bucket routine.


The evening’s event attracted 150 parents, family members of scholars, and staff. 



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