Advanced Courses

The following courses have been approved to carry the title "Advanced" and may be offered by the individual schools. Individual schools are responsible for creating master schedules and registering students for classes. Classes may not be offered each term due to student demand or other staffing issues. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss scheduling options with their counselors.

Advanced courses must incorporate at least five of the following components:

1. Extended reading assignments that connect with the specified curriculum.

2. Research-based writing assignments that address and extend the course curriculum.

3. Projects that apply course curriculum to relevant or real-world situations. These may include oral presentations, power point presentations, or other modes of sharing findings. Connection of the project to the community is encouraged.

4. Open-ended investigations in which the student selects the questions and designs the research.

5. Writing assignments that demonstrate a variety of modes, purposes, and styles.

6. Integration of appropriate technology into the course. Deeper exploration of the culture, values, and history of the discipline.

7. Extensive opportunities for problem-solving experiences through imagination, critical analysis, and application.

8. Job-shadowing experiences with presentations that connect class study to the world of  work.

Algebra I


Algebra II

Pre Calculus



Physical Science

English I

English II

English III

English IV

US History & Geography

World History & Geography

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Advanced courses carry the addition of three (3) rigor points to the student's grade after both terms.  Advanced Placement (AP) courses carry five (5) rigor points.  The student must take the AP exam for the course in order to obtain 5 points and the course be designated as Advanced Placement on the student transcript.



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