Quality Feedback for Writing

Some Guidelines for Providing Quality Positive Feedback on Writing


Guideline Poor practice/example(s) Best practice/example(s)
1) Align comments to the expectations in the rubric * Feedback touches on aspects of writing not addressed in task/rubric * Feedback matches aspects of writing or expectations addressed in task and/or rubric
2) Feedback should be grade-appropriate *Telling an elementary student to maintain parallel structure (not addressed in CCSS until high school) *Helping an elementary student form grammatically complete sentences
3) Be specific * "Good Job" * I like how you used precise words like 'illogical' and 'repetitive' to refute your opponent's argument"
  * "Awkward" * "The construction of theis sentence makes your point unclear--think about verb placement."
  * "Need more explanation" * "Your point about the author's tone in paragraph three is undeveloped."
4)  Emphasize content * Comments focus predominately on conventions (grammar, usage, formatting) * Comments focus on the quality of the studne'ts ideans and his/her ability to develop, organize, and effectivley communicate those ideas.
5)  Balance feedback between positive reinforcement and suggestions for improvement * Provide exclusively negative comments for a bad paper or exclusively positive comments for a great paper *A seed of promise can be found in the worst essay; even the best writers have room to improve
6)  Don’t give it all away * "You need a semicolon her because this sentence has two independent clauses" * "What would be a more appropriate punctuation mark for this type of sentence?"



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