Jo Byrns Senior Receives Vanderbilt Scholarship For Medical Education

Jo Byrns Senior Receives Vanderbilt Scholarship For Medical Education
Posted on 05/12/2016

Jo Byrns High School senior, Lily Morton was recently awarded a need-based scholarship to Vanderbilt University, beginning with the 2016-2017 school year.  Based on this scholarship, the university will pay 100% of all expenses that her family cannot cover.  The offer is, for Morton, a major facilitator towards her desire to ultimately serve in the field of medicine. 

Morton, who has maintained a grade point average of 4.0 throughout her middle and high school years, found out about her acceptance some months ago and said the news overwhelmed her emotionally.

  “When I found out, I started crying and called my Mom,” she said.  “She and my dad are just ecstatic.  They’re so proud.”

Vanderbilt has been Lily’s dream school since early on.

“I’ve wanted to go since I was a freshman in high school,” she said.  “I did an internship there last year where I worked in the hospital.  I lived on campus last summer for eight weeks and worked in the medical center and just fell in love with the school.”   

Morton is considering the double major of Molecular and Cellular Biology, coupled with Medicine, Health, and Society.  On graduating from Vanderbilt, she intends to attend medical school in pursuit of a Pediatric Cardiology career.  While she said she’s open to where that might continue, she indicated that Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland would likely be one of her first choices.

Lily is the Valedictorian of her graduating class, and will address her classmates at their graduation ceremonies on Saturday, May 21. 


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