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Our Commitment

  • We believe that every child should be challenged and motivated to meet and exceed individual goals.
  • We desire to provide opportunities to meet a student's individual needs for intellectual challenge and rigor, engaging enrichment, and educational programming resulting in maximum growth, inspiring creativity, passion for learning, leadership, social responsibility, and ultimately the advancement of mankind.
  • We follow the research that supports students learning to take more academic risks and engage early in accelerated curriculum, which creates students that are more likely to choose advanced/honors classes in high school, rigorous college majors, and engaging professional careers, leading to productive world citizens.

RISE Endeavors

Each year, gifted teachers survey students for areas of interest to drive the curriculum focus. Social emotional learning is a primary component of our curriculum along with a variety of units of study. Individual and personal focus is addressed through independent study topics, inquiry-based/discovery learning, as well as competitions and challenges to demonstrate mastery and proficiency. 

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