Program Options

A continuum of gifted services for individual educational needs is provided based on intellectual abilities and aptitudes and addressed through direct and indirect services. Students have the opportunity to be involved in "pull-out" classes to allow for differentiated lessons meeting individual needs and interests while addressing academic, college/career, social, and emotional growth in small groups. "Push-in" classes allow gifted teachers in a myriad of settings for enrichment and academic focus. Thinking models and gifted resources are utilized and shared in this collaboration. Consultation is available to students whose need are currently being met in the regular education setting, but may desire bi-monthly check-ins with a gifted teacher. These combined opportunities will allow students to be engaged, challenged, and involved in novel experiences that will nurture abilities and maximize potential.

In addition to our quality RISE instruction for our Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth graders, Robertson County Schools offers a variety of seventh through twelfth grade classes to meet students' needs for academic curiosity and autonomy, increased rigor, and a faster-paced instruction, including honors, AP, dual-enrollment, and trade/technical training. As we focus on equipping our students to be future citizens of a global world, we have many clubs, organizations, and competitive opportunities we hope students will find interesting. Some opportunities include Model UN, Youth in Government, STEM Expo, Inventor's Showcase, County-wide RISE endeavors, and field study opportunities.

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