Use the links below to explore and learn more about using Excel in your classroom:

Excel 2013 Quick Start Guide

Excel 2016 Quick Start Guide

Office Mobile Quick Start Guides

The Get Started with Excel video series contains the following tutorials:

  • What is Excel?
  • Create a workbook
  • Add, delete, or rename sheets

The Design Workbooks video series contains the following tutorials:

  • Hide columns
  • Freeze top and left panes
  • Move or copy worksheets
  • Change the look of your workbook

The Add Text & Data video series contains the following tutorials:

  • Add and edit data
  • Align data in cells
  • Format numbers in cells
  • Change the look of cells
  • Copy cell formatting
  • Select cell contents
  • Move or copy cell contents
  • Insert or delete rows or columns
  • Resize rows & columns
  • AutoFill time spans
  • Split & combine data
  • Build custom numeric formulas
  • Validate cell data
  • Create reusable lists

The Use Formulas & Functions video series contains the following tutorials:

  • Create formulas
  • Name cells & ranges
  • Use trace to fix formula errors
  • Locate functions
  • Calculations using functions


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