Buildings and Grounds

This department is responsible for maintaining 21 schools daily. We get fax, emails, text and phone calls on deficiencies in our schools. 
We have two plumbers, two heat and air men, one carpenter, one locksmith, one light and tile man, one electrician and two men that are constantly busy moving furniture or putting up dry erase boards or cutting down trees. There is never a lack of work to do. The men stay busy at all times. When a big project is going on, you can see all of the men pulling together and getting the job done. You may see the heat and air man digging a ditch as well as the tile man  helping to install an air conditioner. 
Mr. Jimmy Finch is the Supervisor for Building and Grounds. He has been with this department  for the part 5 years. Mr. Finch has accomplished a lot for this department. He has been  responsible for purchasing new vehicles, a back hoe, utility truck and ice scraper to go on his truck to make sure the parking lots are scrapped and  safe for our children and Administrators.  With this equipment, this department does not have to bid out jobs, we now have the equipment to work with. 
Mr. Bill Houston is the Foreman for the department. He has been with us for the past 3 years. He also plays a vital part of the daily work orders that are generated daily for this department. 
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  • 615-384-5588
Robertson County Schools