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Work Based Learning

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Work-Based Learning (WBL) activities are part of a structured system, open to all students, at the high school level. The activities allow students to apply classroom theories and explore career options at the work site, as well as connect classroom learning to work. 

     Work-based learning is not a class. It is a method of instruction that enhances a related class in which a student is enrolled. Credit earned in work-based learning is through the regular class in which the student is enrolled at the same time as the WBL experience. The credit is recorded as an additional credit in that class. The WBL experience does not replace the regular class instruction time.

     Only juniors or seniors (16 years or older) may utilize the WBL method for credit. Special education students need to be at least 16 years of age to participate in WBL for credit, but the Individual Education Plan (IEP) team will determine the appropriate grade level.

     Students or parents interested in receiving information about work-based learning opportunities available through their schools can do so by speaking with a teacher in the field of interest or a school counselor. Businesses or industries interested in offering WBL opportunities may contact schools—relevant administrators and/or teachers—in their areas to explore the WBL options and requirements.

     WBL coordinators are educators who are trained and endorsed to coordinate school-based and work-based experiences for students. Much of the information on this Web page provides information to educators who are approved WBL coordinators or who are interested in becoming an approved coordinator.

Policies, Procedures, and Resources

The most current WBL Policies, Procedures, and Resources can be located by clicking on the link below. It is important that all WBL teachers operate their programs using the latest information as determined by the State Department of Education.

     The link provided will open a pdf. version of the WBL Policies,Procedures, and Resources and can be downloaded to your computer if you so choose.

TN Dept. of Education

Work Based Learning Coordinators

Work Based Learning Coordinators

To contact one of the coordinators at your school click the name of the coordinator. If you don't see your school listed please click here to contact central office.

East Robertson High School: Travis Hinton

Greenbrier High School: Julie O'neal

Jo Byrns High School: Jill Wingo

Springfield High School: Andrea VanVleet

White House Heritage High School: Angie Cogswell