Student, Family, and Community Involvement


Involvement of students, parents, community representatives, health specialists, and volunteers in schools provides an integrated approach for enhancing the health and well being of students both at school and in the community. School health advisory councils, coalitions, and broadly-based constituencies for school health can build support for school health programs. School administrators, teachers, and school health staff in all components actively solicit family involvement and engage community resources, expertise, and services to respond effectively to the health-related needs of students and families. Qualified professionals such as principals, teachers, and school health staff, along with students, parents and volunteers, provide leadership in this area.


More Information:

  • Alignment Nashville – This organization works to align community organizations to positively impact the Nashville community by helping our youth and public schools succeed.
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters of TN – Big Brothers Big Sisters in Schools Volunteers provide Littles with one-on-one time and attention in their schools, typically once a week during the academic year.
  • Grandparents Parenting – Information, resources and discussions provided by A.A.R.P. for Grandparents who are raising children.
  • Hands On Nashville – Hands On Nashville offers a variety of programs and resources that empower people to make volunteering a regular part of their lives.
  • MNPS for Parents & Community – There are lots of ways for parents to be involved in their child's education - keeping track in the classroom, at home and throughout the school district.
  • N.A.P.E – The Nashville Alliance for Public Education (NAPE) identifies areas of need and impact -- and channels private community resources toward programs to accelerate progress in our schools.
  • N.C.P.I.E. – The National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education.
  • Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce – The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for continuous improvement in Metro Nashville Public Schools.
  • Parents Portal – Information and resources from the U.S. Department of Education.
  • PENCIL Foundation - PENCIL Foundation promotes community involvement in student learning, and secures a strong commitment from business leaders to help provide materials and resources essential to quality education.
  • YMCA Fun Company- Fun Company is a before- and after-school program sponsored by the YMCA that provides supervision, snacks, activities and fun for all students 

Dawn Callas, Coordinator of School Health Services -- [email protected] -- (615) 384-0152 (voice) -- (615) 384-0132 (fax)     

  • 800 M. S. Couts Blvd, Suite 2, Springfield, TN 37172
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