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Explicit Direct Instruction


T – Teach first
A – Ask a specific question
P – Pause, Pair/Share, Partner Swap
P – Pick a non-volunteer
L – Listen to the response
E – Echo, Elaborate, Explain

What is Explicit Direct Instruction?

  • A process that integrates smaller learning units into meaningful wholes, allows students to apply skills in meaningful ways, and provides students opportunities to self-monitor and direct their own learning & participation.
  • It is used in diverse contexts and curricular areas.
  • Teachers constantly monitoring student understanding to determine if they are deriving meaning from instruction.
  • Holistic (i.e. decoding, comprehension, spelling, and writing during literacy instruction)
  • Developmentally-appropriate task tailored specifically to students’ learning and attentional needs

Check for Understanding often throughout the entire lesson!

  • During instruction, NOT after
  • CFU every 2-3 minutes
  • Students should answer in complete sentences with academic vocabulary
  • White Board Checks - “Chin it”
  • Pair-share – A & B Partners
  • Thumbs up or down – close to chest so students can’t base their answer on others
  • If two non-volunteers in a row can’t answer the question, go back & reteach!

EDI Cheat Sheet