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The Department of English Learners


Programs for English Learners (ELs) in Robertson County Schools strive to enable students of limited English proficiency to develop the linguistic, cognitive, cultural, and self-concept skills necessary for success in our schools and beyond. Qualifying ELs are serviced daily. Classes consist of pull-out, push-in, and/or sheltered instruction; many schools have after-school programs as well. 

Our English Learners bring to Robertson County Schools a wealth of cultural diversity and a variety of languages, including Spanish, Kurdish, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Gujarati, Dutch, Romanian, French, Creole, Romanian, Tagalog, and Akateko.

The links to the left include a directory of EL teachers and support staff, instructions on how to access your EL child's online myOn Reader account, and other helpful resources. We will continue to develop the information on this site in the coming months. In the meantime, if you have questions, suggestions, or needs, you are welcome to contact your child's EL teacher or the EL Coordinator for assistance.  

The English as a Second Language Placement document below explains service times for English Learners. When a student's Home Language Survey indicates a language other than English, the student is screened using the WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (W-APT). The scores determine if the student qualifies as an English Learner and the minimum amount of service time required. Once a student qualifies as an EL, eligibility forms are completed and English Learner services begin. Students are assessed annually with the WIDA-ACCESS proficiency assessment; results are provided parents/guardians in the following school year and determine EL service time and status. Please refer to the document for further information.


TN-English as a Second Language Placement

State Coding System

The following state codes identify whether a student is an EL and, if so, what level of service or monitoring he/she receives.

  E  English (Not an EL student, past or present)
  L  Active EL students, including Consult
  W  Waiver (An EL student not receiving daily services; tested  annually with the WIDA until exited)
  F  (FES)  Any former EL student who exited through T3 monitoring
  G  Graduate
  1  T1 (An EL who tested proficient on the WIDA annual  proficiency test in the first year of monitoring)
  2  T2 (An EL who tested proficient on the WIDA annual  proficiency test in the second year of monitoring)
  3  T3 (An EL who tested proficient on the WIDA annual  proficiency test in the third year of monitoring)
  4  T4 (An EL who tested proficient on the WIDA annual  proficiency test in the fourth year of monitoring)
  N  (NELB)  A student qualifies as NELB if at initial proficiency testing  he/she does not qualify for EL services

Online Resources

Hop on your computer, iPad, or smart phone and practice English!


Action Words a free app that helps the user learn action words

Duolingo a free app that lets the user select a language for daily practice and learning

WEBSITES:  for vocabulary, listening practice, and grammar lessons for a wide variety of options to practice and learn English

ESL Kids Lab for worksheets, training tips, songs, phonics, and flashcards for students in grades K - 8

Mrs. Perkins' Dolch Words for practice on Dolch sight words; includes sight word cards, reading worksheets, sight word games, and many other activities and resources

EL Coordinator & Migrant Student Liaison

Deborah Nance

Titles: Title III Coordinator, Migrant Student Liaison
Departments: Federal Programs

District Spanish Translator

Evelin Cabrera

Titles: District Translator
Departments: Federal Programs

EL Teaching Staff Directory