What does it mean to be a Title I school?

Title 1 is the largest federally funded educational program. 

The program provides supplemental funds to school districts to assist schools with large concentrations of low income students to help meet their educational goals.

Robertson County receives approximately $2 million dollars. 

We have 5 Title 1 schools. They are Cheatham Park, Westside, Krisle, Crestview, and Springfield Middle.

A school must have a poverty level of 40% or higher to receive federal funds. A school must be served if the poverty level is 75%.

The funds are divided between the 5 schools. We use the funds to hire extra personnel such as teachers, assistants, and Instructional coaches. 

These funds are also used to purchase supplemental classroom materials, intervention materials, and computer programs. These funds can also be used for before and after school tutorials. Title 1 funds also can be used to purchase technology and equipment. Title funds also provide additional professional development opportunities for administrators and faculty to attend above what the district provides for others.

Parent Involvement is a big part of the Title 1 program. We want and value your input. In the spring, we survey parents to find out ways you think we can improve our schools.

We have a Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Policy. It is available on the county website, posted in the school, and a hard copy is available at your request.

A group of parents from the 5 Title schools meet every year to review the policy.

A School/Parent Compact is an agreement by every student, parent and teacher stating that we will all do our part to ensure your child gets a great education.

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