About RISE

Welcome back to a star-studded year with RISE in Robertson County Schools!

RISE is Research, Investigate, Strategize, and Evaluate. Pk-12 students who have been identified as Intellectually Gifted have met the rigorous requirements and criteria for the State of Tennessee in educational performance, creativity/characteristics, and cognition.

This year RISE has an energetic and talented group of gifted teachers who will provide accelerated curriculum focus with rigor, depth, complexity, and individual interest. Beth Stokes will be servicing iA, SMS, and SHS. Cindy Bowen will be servicing WAT, GES, CVES, KES, and CES. Jennifer Lamb will be servicing JBES, JBHS, ERES, and ERHS. Kelly Cook will be servicing WES, CPES, RFW, HES, and WHHHS. Trey Daniel will be servicing CMS, GMS, and GHS. We would also like to welcome Stephanie Sawyer as our gifted school psychologist this year.

Students will be involved in “pull-out” classes several times a week to allow for differentiated lessons meeting individual needs and interests as they work with like ability peers. Gifted Teachers also will provide “push-in” classes where they will collaborate with regular education teachers in a myriad of settings and academic focus. These combined opportunities will allow students to be engaged, challenged, and involved in novel experiences that will nurture abilities and maximize potential.

In our attempt to recognize and identify talent from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, we are continuing our Intellectually Gifted 2nd Grade Universal Screener for all schools during the first semester. Students will participate in four lessons highlighting creativity, creative writing, problem solving, as well as a cognitive screener.

This year we are proud to pilot a new talent pool program, Academic Creative Enrichment (ACE,) for creative and critical thinking skills for students demonstrating a need for acceleration, additional rigor, challenge, and creative pursuits. Potential students will be referred by a teacher collaboration assessing educational performance, creativity characteristics, TABs (traits, aptitudes, and behaviors) and cognition. This program will meet during the school day in some schools and in afterschool programs one day a week in most schools.

RISE hopes to offer the opportunity to participate in a Spring Break trip to Washington D.C. There was an informational meeting at the end of June and there will be an additional parent meeting in August to firm up numbers. Please check with you Gifted Teacher if you are interested.

In addition to our quality RISE instruction for our PK-12 and ACE classes to promote creativity, Robertson County Schools offer a variety of 7-12 grade classes to meet every child’s need for academic curiosity and autonomy, increased rigor, and a faster paced instruction. These offerings including Honors, Advanced Placement, Dual-Enrollment, trade/technical training, Passion Projects and college visits. As we focus on equipping our students to be future citizens of a global world, we have many clubs, organizations, and competitive opportunities we hope your child will find interesting and inviting. Some of the opportunities include Model United Nations, Youth in Government, STEM Expo, Invention Convention, Chess Tournaments, Debate, County-wide RISE endeavors, and field study opportunities.

It is our hope that your child will find his/her participation in the RISE program full of rich experiences that will inspire a love of learning—both inside and outside the classroom, and throughout life.  Our desire is that each and every student will have opportunities to grow in knowledge, leadership, and service so that he/she will maximize his/her potential for a full and productive life.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child's gifted teacher or me. Thank you for sharing your child with us through RISE.

Kindest Regards,
Paula Kiggins and team 😊

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