Identification and Referral Process

We understand that Intellectual Giftedness may be found throughout diverse ppopulations and crosses all economic and cultural boundaries. Early identification and intervention are required to meet the distinct and individual needs of these students. Developing unique potential of the gifted and talented resources requires multi-talent development (i.e., qualitatively differentiated exceptional experiences and/or services above and beyond general education programming in order for a student to reach his/her full potential). Classroom teachers employ TABs, which assess a student's gifted traits, aptitudes, and behaviors. Students demonstrating gifted characteristics and needs for curriculum above and beyond the regular education teacher can provide on a regular basis may be referred for gifted screening.

Referred students must meet the State of Tennessee criteria for giftedness which includes exceptional abilities in achievement, creativity, and cognition. Child Find procedures include an annual, systematic screening process with multiple sources of data and multiple criteria including teacher, parent, and student input. Teachers, counselors, and administrators actively screen for giftedness. Second grade Child Find screens second grade students across the board for potential giftedness yearly to assist in the identification of students from underserved/underrepresented populations. Student referrals may come from teachers, parents, community stakeholders, or peers at any time.

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