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Human Resources

Welcome to Robertson County Schools!

Below is information that will be helpful as you access your district accounts. Please read below to learn more about each account/tool and the department to contact if you have problems with that account.

  • Email - When you were hired with the district, an email account was created for you.  If you have problems with your email account, please contact Technology at (615)382-2318.
  • Logging On to Your Computer - A computer logon has been created for all new employees.  You username is your firstname.lastname and the password is changeme.  Once you logon, you will be prompted to change your password.  If you have problems logging on to your computer, please contact Technology at (615)384-2318.
  • PowerSchool - PowerSchool is the software we use to give teacher's an online gradebook and parents access to grades as they are posted.  Please contact Technology at (615)382-2318 if you have problems with your PowerSchool account.
  • SchoolStation -SchoolStation is the software we use to register for and track professional development. If you have problems accessing your SchoolStation account, please contact  Federal Programs at (615)384-5588.
  • SmartFind - Smartfind is the automated phone system we use to secure substitutes to fill in for absences.  If you have problems setting up or accessing your account, please contact Human Resources at (615)384-5588.
  • Wireless Access -All schools have a tech coach.  Please contact the tech coach for your school if you need wireless access to our network.
  • Setting Personal Devices Up for Mail -If you would like to setup a personal device (iPad, phone, etc.) to receive mail from your district's email account, click "HERE" for directions.
  • Online Textbooks -Some of our textbooks and teachers' manuals are available online. You can access online textbooks on the Materials and Media page on the Robertson County Schools website.


Employee Handbook Revised 4.24.2023 

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Department Supervisor

Michele Galluzzi

Titles: Supervisor of Human Resources
Locations: Human Resources