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Graduation Requirements

Early Graduation

Students who have met all graduation requirements may request for early graduation.  Requests to graduate early are due to the Secondary Curriculum Office by the end of October.  Students wishing to graduate early require approval from the Robertson County Board of Education.

Please see the following board policy regarding students who elect to graduate early:

BOE Policy 4.6061 - Early Graduation

Students who will meet all graduation requirements at the end of the first semester of their senior year, may apply for early graduation status. Application will be made on the appropriate forms and submitted to the director of schools according to established guidelines. Students approved for early graduation status will be officially graduated at the end of the first semester. Upon graduation, these students are no longer eligible for participation in school-sponsored activities as a student. (Examples include, but are not limited to, athletic programs, extracurricular activities, baccalaureate, prom, and second term graduation).  Winter Commencement Exercises The school system will sponsor winter graduation exercises at the end of the first semester. Guidelines will be approved by the director of schools. Students who do not wish to participate in Winter graduation activities shall make this known to the Director of Schools/Designee prior to the day of graduations. Non-participating students will receive their diplomas from the Director's office on the next business day following graduation ceremonies.

Winter Commencement exercises will be held Sunday, January 12 at 3:00 p.m. at The Center located at 401 N. Main Street, Springfield, TN 37172. Inclement Weather make-up date: Sunday, January 19 at 3:00 p.m. at The Center located at 401 N. Main Street, Springfield, TN 37172.

Graduation Requirements

Robertson County students who entered high school in the 2009-10 school year are required earn 26 credits to obtain a regular high school diploma, 22 of which are required by the State of Tennessee . Because Springfield High is currently on a traditional schedule, these students are required to earn 24 credits.  The number of required credit has changed as a result of the Tennessee Diploma Project.


 4 credits-English I, II, III, and IV are all required


 4 credits: Must have Algebra I, AlgebraII, Geometry, and a fourth math course; students must earn a math  credit each of their four years.


 3 credits: Must have Biology, Chemistry OR Physics, and a third lab science.

 Social  Studies

 3 credits: U. S. History, Economics and US Government required plus one additional history course.  Beginning in the 16-17 school year, students must have U.S. History and Geography, World History and  Geography, and U.S. Government and Civics.

 Lifetime  Wellness

 Physical Education

 1 credit

 1/2 credit

 Foreign Language

 2 credits (must be the same language)

 Fine Art

 Personal Finance

 1 credit (music, art, drama, choir, etc.)

 1/2 credit

 Elective Focus


 Student must earn three credits within an approved Program of Study or Elective Focus

 a minimum of 4 additional electives (minimum of 2 electives for SHS students

According to state board of education policy, 2.103, to earn a regular high school diploma, students must (1) earn the prescribed twenty-two (22) credit minimum, (2) complete the ACT or SAT, and (3) have a satisfactory record of attendance and discipline.

The Class of 2018 must meet the following requirements for Social Studies:World History & Geography; United States History & Geography; Economics (1/2 credit); and U.S. Government and Civics (1/2 credit).

Beginning with the graduating class of 2018, the ACT becomes a graduation requirement.Students must take the ACT during the spring of the Junior year, or during retake opportunities in the fall and spring of their senior year in order to meet diploma requirements and be able to participate in graduation exercises.There is no charge to students or parents to take the ACT on school administered days.

Beginning January 1, 2017, all high school students shall be given a United States civics test, locally developed, and containing no fewer than twenty-five and no more than fifty questions from the civics test administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.A student shall pass the test if he/she correctly answers at least seventy percent (70%) of the questions.This is now a requirement for earning a Tennessee High School Diploma.A passing grade is not a condition of receiving a regular diploma, but students may retake the Civics assessment multiple times.

Contact your school counselor for available options for the fourth year math course and approved Programs of Study.