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State Assessment


The following is an overview of the tests that are required of Tennessee high school students in grades 9-12:

End-of-Course Tests (TN READY)

The following state mandated assessments in mathematics and English-Language Arts will be administered as part of participation in the corresponding academic course.  The content areas tested will be Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, English I, and English II.  

Other tested subject areas include Biology and United States History and Geography. 

For the 2019-2020 school year all testing will be paper-and-pencil based; this is in accordance with recent action of the state legislature.

EOCs count toward 15% of the student's course grade. Additional information about the tests may be obtained at

The links below provide further information for each specific assessment, which strands of standards will be addressed on the subparts of the assessment, as well as a range of number of items and score points as well as links to current standards.

HomeSchool Testing

Home School Testing:
Students entering public schools from a home school may be tested to determine grade placement or to receive high school credit. The Office of Secondary Education assists school counselors in ordering and preparing for these testings.

Related links: Visit the Tennessee State Department of Education Testing and Evaluation website.  Here you may find more detailed information about each of these tests.