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Gifted Education

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Our Commitment


  • We believe that every child should be challenged and motivated to meet and exceed individual goals.
  • We desire to provide opportunities to meet a student's individual needs for intellectual challenge and rigor, engaging enrichment, and educational programming resulting in maximum growth, inspiring creativity, passion for learning, leadership, social responsibility, and ultimately the advancement of mankind.
  • We follow the research that supports students learning to take more academic risks and engage early in accelerated curriculum, which creates students that are more likely to choose advanced/honors classes in high school, rigorous college majors, and engaging professional careers, leading to productive world citizens.

RISE Endeavors

Each year, gifted teachers survey students for areas of interest to drive the curriculum focus. Social emotional learning is a primary component of our curriculum along with a variety of units of study. Individual and personal focus is addressed through independent study topics, inquiry-based/discovery learning, as well as competitions and challenges to demonstrate mastery and proficiency. 



RISE is a program designed for Intellectually Gifted students that have been identified under Special Education as a student needing services outside of the general education classroom. K-12 students who have met the requirements are served by highly qualified Gifted Teachers.

Meet your teachers!

Mrs. Beth Stokes is the Gifted Teacher Leader and serves students at the Innovation Academy.

Mrs. Jennifer Lamb serves students at Jo Byrns Elementary, Jo Byrns High, Coopertown Elementary, Coopertown Middle, and Crestview Elementary.

Dr. Kelly Cook serves East Robertson Elementary, East Robertson High, Cheatham Park Elementary, and Springfield High.

Dr. Cindy Bowen serves Greenbrier Elementary, Watauga Elementary, Heritage Elementary, Krisle Elementary, Westside Elementary, and Robert F. Woodall Elementary.

Mr. Trey Daniel serves White House Heritage High, Greenbrier Middle, and Greenbrier High


RISE endeavors to offer the opportunity for students in 5th - 12th grade to participate in a Spring Break trip to New York, NY. There will be an informational meeting in the fall. If you are interested, please reach out to

As we focus on equipping our students to be future citizens of a global world, we have many clubs, organizations, and competitive opportunities we hope your child will find interesting and inviting. Some of the opportunities include Model United Nations, Youth in Government, STEM Expo, Invention Convention, Chess Tournaments, Debate, County-wide RISE endeavors, and field study opportunities.

It is our hope that your child will find his/her participation in the RISE program full of rich experiences that will inspire a love of learning—both inside and outside the classroom, and throughout life.  Our desire is that each and every student will have opportunities to grow in knowledge, leadership, and service so that he/she will maximize his/her potential for a full and productive life.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child's gifted teacher.


The mission of the Robertson County RISE Program is to recognize, identify, and serve intellectually-gifted students from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. We strive to develop individual talents, educationally and emotionally, through a curriculum with advanced content. Emphasis is placed on critical/creative thinking and problem-solving while optimizing leadership skills through opportunities and experiences.



Robertson County acknowledges that intellectually gifted students require a differentiated curriculum because they learn at an accelerated rate and think with greater depth. We are dedicated to providing a continuum of services to develop and enhance creative thinking, problem-solving, investigating topics in-depth, and applying critical thinking to advanced content.

  1. Students can be referred by any educator or parent.
  2. Referrals are made to the general education teacher, Gifted teacher, or the school-based s-team coordinator.
  3. An s-team meeting will be held to discuss concerns and determine the need for further testing or data.
  4. Upon parent consent for assessment, the school psychologist will complete any needed testing to determine eligibility for giftedness.
  5. An eligibility meeting will be held to discuss the testing results and to determine eligibility.