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Disciplinary Hearing Authority

The Robertson County Board of Education has established a Disciplinary Hearing Authority (DHA) to conduct due process hearings for students who have been suspended to the board. The DHA is composed of Administrators from the System. Each hearing will have no fewer than three representatives to hear each case.

The DHA may take the following disciplinary actions:

  • Order removal of the suspension unconditionally;
  • Order removal of the suspension upon terms & conditions it deems reasonable;
  • Assign the student to an alternative program;
  • Assign the student to a night school;
  • Suspend the student for a specified period of time; or
  • Recommend expulsion to the Board.

Hearings will be held and decisions will be rendered no later than ten school days after the beginning of the suspension. Decisions of the DHA concerning zero-tolerance may be appealed to the Director of Schools; other appeal decisions may be directed to the Board of Education. All appeals must be filed in writing, and must be received by the Director of Schools, P.O. Box 130, Springfield, TN 37172 within five (5) days of the DHA decision. Appealed decisions may be affirmed, modified in any manner, or more severe penalties may be prescribed.