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District Emergency Response Plan

The Director of Schools shall be responsible for developing, maintaining, and acquiring Board approval of the district Emergency Preparedness Plan (District Emergency Response Plan). It shall include procedures for cases of nuclear or bomb threat, civil disturbance, earthquake, fire, tornado or other severe weather, armed intruders, and medical emergencies.

Emergency preparedness drills will be developed and implemented by each principal, with approval of the Director of Schools, and when appropriate, be held in conjunction with emergency response agencies.

The principal shall be responsible for ensuring that sufficient number of drills is conducted in order to give instruction and practice in proper actions by staff and students.

In the event of a crisis, the principal will activate the school’s Emergency Response Plan. He will notify the Director of Schools and the appropriate emergency services if determined necessary.

Each school shall establish a safety committee which meets regularly.

The safety program shall include: fire prevention, accident prevention, warning systems, emergency drills (fire, severe weather, earthquake, and bomb threat), emergency closings, traffic safety, traffic and parking controls, safety inspections, first aid, and a disaster preparedness plan for any major emergency.

District Contact for School Safety:
Teresa Leavitt, Student Services Supervisor
Robertson County Schools