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Student Board Policies

Policies are principles adopted by the Board to chart a course of action and to provide good, efficient and consistent operation of a school district. This manual contains policies, rules and exhibits which have been prepared as a guide for the Board of Education, Director of Schools and other school personnel.


The six major classifications used are listed in the Board Policy menu.
Policies contained in this manual are written within generally accepted interpretations of state and federal law and court decisions, State Board of Education regulations, State Attorney General opinions and generally accepted educational practices.

Use of Terms and Symbols

Various terms and symbols which are used in relation to the classification system may require some clarification. Included are the following:
  • Board
    • The governing body of the school system.
  • He/his/him
    • Terms referring to "person" regardless of gender.
  • St/Stat
    • Entire policy is law or State Board regulation.
  • R
    • Administrative rule for the purpose of implementing Board policy.
  • TRR/MS
    • Rules, Regulations, and Minimum Standards of the Tennessee State Board of Education.
  • TCA
    • Tennessee Code Annotated.
  • USCA
    • United States Code Annotated.
  • Descriptor Code
    • Numerical Locator Code found on each policy.
  • Legal Reference
    • Reference to a statement of policy which has an educational and legal basis in state or federal laws, court decisions, opinions of the attorney general, and State Board Rules and Regulations.

How to Find a Policy Statement

Consider where the statement would be filed among the six major classifications. Then click the appropriate link to go to that section.

Policy Dates

This manual will never be complete because policy development must be a continual process in order to provide the best educational program for the school district.

Maintenance of Policy Manuals

The online policy guide for students is available here.

Content Limitations

This manual is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that TSBA, its agents and employees are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other licensed professional service through its distribution. If legal advice or other assistance is required, the services of the School Board attorney or other appropriate expert should be sought. Policies may be accessed here.