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Barney-Bus Safety Program

Barney- School Bus Safety Program

Who is Barney?

Barney is a remote-controlled little school bus that looks like a real school bus.  He was purchased by our Transportation Director to speak to Robertson County Board of Education elementary students about school bus safety.

Barney has many features, including a friendly cartoon voice, animated blinking eyelids, flashing yellow warning lights, flashing red loading lights, a flashing swing out stop sign and a student arm.  Barney loves to talk to students about school bus safety.  His small stature and friendly demeanor allows students to relate to him easier.

What does Barney do?

Barney teaches school bus safety to many elementary students within the district.  His lessons include the following:

  • How to wait at a school bus stop
  • What is the danger zone around the school bus
  • What do the yellow warning lights mean
  • What do the red loading lights mean
  • How to cross in front of the school bus
  • How to board the school bus
  • How to ride on the school bus
  • Difference between inside and outside voices
  • What is a school bus driver

Students are given a copy of School Bus Safety rules at the completion of the safety program.

Why a Robot?

Barney is a great tool for speaking to students about school bus safety.  Student are intrigued by him and he keeps their attention while delivering a serous message.

How to get Barney to visit your school.

To schedule Barney for your school, contact Jesse Castillo at  Barney is suited for students Pre-k through third grade.  The program lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, and is available Wednesdays and Fridays.