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Here Comes the Bus

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"Here Comes the Bus" is a mobile application designed to help parents and guardians track the real-time location of their child's school bus. The app is particularly useful for ensuring that students get to and from school safely. Here's a general overview of how the application works:

   - The app provides notifications to alert parents when the bus is approaching their child's designated bus stop.

Scheduled Times:
   - Parents can access the scheduled arrival and departure times for their child's bus. This helps in planning and ensuring that the child is ready for the bus at the appropriate times.

User Authentication:
   - Access to the bus tracking information is secured, requiring parents to authenticate themselves with a username, password and other verification method.

GPS Technology:
   - The app relies on GPS technology to track the location of the school bus in real-time. This information is then transmitted to the app for parents to access.

"Here Comes the Bus" application can enhance the overall experience of school bus transportation for parents and guardians. Parents interested in using the app should check instructions below on how to set it up.

First page of the PDF file: ENGLISHHCTBFLYER
First page of the PDF file: HCTB_2021-07_HCTBSpanish