Coopertown Elementary Receives Gift From City Police Department

Coopertown Elementary Receives Gift From City Police Department
Posted on 01/17/2020

Coopertown Police Department Chief Tyler Haley and two of his officers presented Coopertown Elementary School principal Tiffany Hyde a gift of 45 handheld communications radios on Monday, January 6.


Tyler said the money for the gift was a result of fundraising during the town’s 2019 Barrel Festival. During the festival, he, his officers, and the town’s mayor volunteered to be dunked in order to generate funds for the city.  After discussions with his department and town officials, the decision was made to provide CES with the radios.


School principal Tiffany Hyde said the gift was a welcome one with safety as a major consideration.


“Coopertown Elementary School is extremely grateful for the generous donation of 45 walkie talkies units from the Coopertown Police Department,” she said. “This donation helps us with ensuring safety for all of our students and staff by providing an immediate form of communication in the event of an emergency.”

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