District Students Recognized At Model United Nations Gathering

District Students Recognized At Model United Nations Gathering
Posted on 11/30/2022

On Monday, November 14, 36 Robertson County students participated in the TN Center for Civic Engagement's Middle School Model United Nations.   Additionally, on Friday November 18 to Sunday November 22, 18 more county students participated in High School Model United Nations in Murfreesboro, TN. During this program, students represent an assigned country, research a problem in that country, create a solution to that problem, write a resolution to the United Nations asking for assistance in solving the problem with the solution they created, present a persuasive speech, and then defend their resolution in a five-round pro/con debate format using parliamentary procedure. This real-world, problem-solving scenario requires advanced research, thinking, writing and speaking skills and is academically demanding. There were 900 middle school students and nearly 1000 high school students participating from 34 public, private and magnet schools around the state.


Three Innovation Academy teams, two middle school and one high school, received an Outstanding Resolution Award for their written resolution.  The judging criteria for outstanding resolution is as follows: In keeping with national character • Feasibility • Significance of impact • Innovation • Correctly formatted with evidence of research • Submitted by conference deadline • In keeping with the YMCA core values of Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility.


The middle school teams winning an Outstanding Resolution Award were: Uzbekistan (Chesley Holcomb, Karez Omer, Katey Hall, and Cooper Oeschel, all 7th graders) and Burundi (Jayci Bradley, Audry McCants, Alex Martinez and Caralee Stokes, all 8th graders).


The high school team winning Outstanding Resolution was Columbia (Luis Asencio Garcia, Addie Cook, Teygan Williams and Maya Atkins).


Robertson County also had two middle school delegates and two high school delegates who won an Outstanding Delegate Award for their individual skills in this program. The judging criteria for Outstanding Delegate is as follows: Cooperative and respectful in his/her approach to legislation and peers • Ability to stay in nation’s character • Use of proper parliamentary procedure • Evidence of preparation and research • Positive attitude • Positive leadership • Poise and maturity • Excellent Communication- clear, concise, and convincing • Behavior in keeping with the YMCA core values of Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility • Meet all deadlines established by the YMCA Center for Civic Engagement


These students were Alex Martinez(8th), Taylor Love (7th), Brynlee Massey (10th) from Innovation Academy, and Callie Bishop (9th) from Springfield High School.


The district also had three students who chose the most rigorous component in the convention, presenting a court case in the International Court of Justice (ICJ).  These students applied for this privilege and spent the weekend arguing an international-level case before five ICJ justices. These students, all from Springfield High School, were Presley Richards, Peyton Hopper and Katy Fisher.

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