February was Music Appreciation Month at Bransford Early Learning Center

February was Music Month at Bransford Early Learning Center
Posted on 03/06/2019

Young budding musicians came to life at Bransford Elementary during the month of February for the school’s Fourth Annual Music Appreciation Celebration.

A number of talented people from Robertson County schools, the Robertson County community, and the Greater Nashville area shared their talents for Bransford pre-k and Head Start children.

The celebration began with Cloggers Kyler Willson, Addison Osborne, Ella Lax, Addy Belle Johnson, and Kinsley Willson under the direction of Ty and Abby Jackson from Shalom Dance Studio.  High step, tap dancing was displayed by this young group of dancers.

The Nashville Ballet presented the story, “Jump Frog Jump,” through dance to go along with a book reading that teachers had provided beforehand. Dancers were dressed in costume and showed various ballet techniques.

 Rock band drummer Kevin Jones performed with his drums and demonstrated each type of percussion instrument. Additionally, Jones allowed each child to sit and play the drums on their own.

Local business owner, Hope Borthick, provided several of her talented performers from Shalom Dance Company to share different types of dance for the children.  Ballet, jazz, interpretive dance, and some gymnastic skills were beautifully done for the group.

 Kalanie Thomas from the Innovation Academy performed several vocal selections to entertain the pre-k students on Feb. 20.

On Feb. 26,Watauga Elementary’ s fourth and fifth graders, directed by Linda Messinger, provided a fun, engaging time for BES students. The Watauga students played ukuleles, keyboards, drums, and guitars for the children as well as providing vocal solos and a group sing-a-long. A number of pre-k students were then invited to come up front to play the instruments with the older students as well.

A quartet consisting of Retha and Johnnie Marlin, Daniel McNatt, and Charlotte Gray provided a colorful, smiley-face music staff showing students which of their members sang soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.  They sang a four part harmony selection before including the students in the singing of a familiar song “Baby Shark.”

DJ Johnny was in the house on February 28, providing movement and music to all genres of music. Children danced and kept the beat to his groovy music more than an hour.


Bransford administrators, teachers, staff members, and students would like to thank everyone who took time out from their busy schedule to share their unique talents.   The children will remember you with a song in their heart and a beat in their step.




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