Focus On School Counselors During National Week Of Recognition

Focus On School Counselors During National Week Of Recognition
Posted on 02/06/2020

Robertson County Schools joins districts across the nation to celebrate and recognize school counselors during the National School Counselor Week, February 3-7.


Dr. Mary Jo Holmes, principal of the district’s Virtual and Focus programs oversees the 27 RCS counselors who staff each school from kindergarten through high school.


Depending on the school level, duties for school counselors include providing instruction on psychological and social issues such as sex education or bullying, counselling, providing vocational guidance, providing early intervention for learning and psychological difficulties, and providing special needs services. 


Additionally school counselors often help students with developing personal and academic skills, goal-setting, maneuvering personal problems that might have adverse effects on academics, and coping with grief or trauma. 


Each day these counselors face different challenges and tasks as they provide the personal touch and relationship to assist students through their academic day.  They are some of this district’s most valuable assets.


Holmes reflected on their value, saying, “ "I believe our school counselors are the heartbeat of our schools.  School counselor is their official title but they could also be called Life Changers, Hope Providers, and Way Makers.  We appreciate and celebrate our school counselors who advocate, support, and motivate our young people along their educational journey."



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