Former Students Surprise Teachers At Greenbrier Middle School Faculty Meeting

Former Students Surprise Teachers At Greenbrier Middle School Faculty Meeting
Posted on 12/10/2019

Six Greenbrier High School seniors were surprise speakers at an early-morning Greenbrier Middle School faculty meeting on Friday, Dec. 6.


The six were at GMS at the request of principal, Kathy Carroll as a motivation for her GMS instructors to see the results of their “paying it forward,” year after year, as they invest themselves in the lives of their middle school learners.


Themes struck by the six speakers included gratitude for making class hard, for creating confidence, for listening, for instilling self-confidence, and for creating self-worth.  A recurring theme was that of recognizing and being grateful for the relationships built by the teachers; both inside and outside of the classroom.


As the students spoke, those listening to what they thought was to be just another routine faculty meeting showed visible emotion; nodding heads in a combination of agreement with what they were hearing, and recognition that their efforts, some four years later, had earned the dividends they were now witnessing in real time. 


Robertson County Schools is proud of all of our educators, and this brief meeting was a tangible and visible example of what goes on throughout the district daily, and why we do what we do.  The core of the district’s mission statement: to, “enable all students to reach and exceed high academic standards while empowering them to succeed in a technologically-advanced and culturally-diverse society,” was evident as these soon-to-be-graduates recounted both the, “high academic standards,” and the, “empowering,” that their middle-school years produced and inspired.


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