Greenbrier class benefits from added technology

Laptops acquired through fundraising efforts
Posted on 08/17/2015

“These computers given me through DonorsChoose and Khan Academy have given me a chance to incorporate technology and allow students to practice for their assessments.  My primary use for these computers is Kahn Academy.”

Kahn Academy is a free service provided for teachers and students that allows homework assignments for students to practice new math skills in preparation for assessments and testing.

Keith raised the needed funds through a, “Tech Intervention,” project. She explained her project saying, “These computers will be used for math intervention services daily. They also would provide resources for students who don't currently have any at home. i.e. If a student needs to write a paper for class, then they could use it when they had extra time at school.”

Pointing out that Tennessee has moved to online testing, Mrs. Keith noted also that students without access to technology would be at a disadvantage as they prepare.  “Unless we give them access to technology, they will remain at a disadvantage,” she said.

With the addition of these two laptops, her classroom is now more equipped to meet the technological needs of her students.


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