Greenbrier Middle School Host Computer Programming Awards

Greenbrier Middle School Host Computer Programming Awards
Posted on 05/03/2016

On Friday, April 29, Greenbrier Middle School hosted its first-ever computer programming awards ceremony.  This was the culmination of seven months of computer programming classes for the newly formed computer-programming club, which was led by Librarian and Technology Coach Christa Cordrey. This group formed in October and has met weekly to learn new computer coding skills.


When the club first started, all members used a program from the Michigan Institute of Technology called SCRATCH to learn the basics of computer coding. This allowed them to learn the process without having to learn an entire computer language! The students all completed tasks in SCRATCH and even remixed classic video games like Pong using this coding system. On Friday, all computer programmers at GMS received a certificate for completion of the SCRATCH coursework.


After Christmas, the computer programming club members desired something more challenging. At that time, the club split into three groups during their weekly meetings. Some students continued on in scratch to develop more advanced programs, while other students programmed robots or learned a programming language called Python. Our robotics group programmed two different robots to respond to commands with a remote control, while the Python group learned the syntax and structure of the Python coding language, ending with the creation of the game Pong in this new language. The students in these groups also received awards for their efforts in learning to code.


The programming club at GMS was a huge success this year, and this ending awards ceremony, in which students were able to show off their projects to family and community members, was the perfect way to say farewell for the year.


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