Heritage High School Students Experience Belmont University Chemistry Workshop

Heritage High School Students Experience Belmont University Chemistry Workshop
Posted on 03/09/2016

Five White House Heritage High students were invited to participate in a Belmont University chemistry workshop on Thursday, Feb. 18. 


Belmont Professor of chemistry Education Dr. Danielle Garrett extended the invitation to the students, who must have already complete a chemistry course.


The event was entitled "Sweet Sweet Chemistry: A Chromatography Challenge," and was a college level chemistry experiment. Through an exploration of chromatography, students were tasked with finding the optimum solvent system for the separation of food dyes in M&M candy. Kim and I both agreed that this would be an awesome opportunity for our students to see a more sophisticated laboratory, and to also experience a true college-level lab that so many first-year college students struggle with.


Students attending were: seniors: Kaitlynn Logsdon, Breanna Wilhite, and Kayla Cassidy, and juniors: Matthew Crawford and McCall Smallwood.


The group toured the College of Math and Science building with the Dean of that college, Dr. Thom Spence, who showed the students their brand new lab facilities which included a physics laser lab as well as an analytical instrumentation lab.


Spence encouraged the students to consider Belmont due to the research-focused undergraduate programs offered by the school. Later the group lunched in the school’s brand new cafeteria, and were able to converse with and question three Belmont students majoring in science.



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