It's Never Too Late To Get Your High School Diploma

It's Never Too Late To Get Your High School Diploma
Posted on 01/15/2019

As a result of a new program offered by Robertson County Schools, Springfield resident, Latasha Cross received her high school diploma recently, despite having finished school without one nearly 16 years ago. 

In 2002 Cross finished high school, but without a diploma, due to an insufficient Gateway Math test score.  She tried unsuccessfully in the ensuing years to master the test, but without adequate mentoring and instruction, fell short each time. 

When she was laid off from her job last year, she was discouraged, but not content to just feel sorry for herself.  Instead, she wanted to finally make a positive change.

In September of 2018, Cross contacted the newly opened Robertson County Adult High School and enrolled in the AHS Gateway Program with the goal of finally achieving her goal.  Through AHS, she received diagnostic testing, math instruction, support, and constant encouragement from her instructors and counselors. Working hard both at school and home, Cross set a personal goal of passing her Gateway test by Thanksgiving, 2018.

 November 20, 2018 was the last day of school with RCS before Thanksgiving Break, and on that Tuesday, Latasha took the Gateway Math Test one more time.  This time, however, due to the instruction and coaching she’d received from AHS, she felt a confidence in herself and her math skills that she’d not had in any of her previous attempts.

When school resumed the week after Thanksgiving, Cross received a phone call from Dr. Bill Locke, RCS Supervisor of Secondary Education.  Dr. Locke shared the exciting news with Cross that she had indeed, finally, passed the test and would now receive her coveted, and hard-earned high school diploma.  Cross not only achieved her goal of passing the test by her goal date of Thanksgiving, but in her efforts, she accomplished far more than that.  She showed herself and all others who witnessed her efforts, just how important her education and a high school diploma were to her, and she demonstrated for all to see, that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams.

Her quest culminated on Friday night, January 11, 2019, when, along with 74 other graduates from each of the five RCS high schools, she marched in front of hundreds of onlookers, shook hands with Dr. Chris Causey, Director of Schools, and received her high school diploma at the RCS Winter Graduation Ceremonies.  Her success story at 37 years of age, is not the first one from the Adult High School, and is already on track to be replicated many times over, as other adults in Robertson County see that they, too, can achieve what she did. 

The Adult High School Program is for any Robertson County resident who has not completed the required courses to receive a high school diploma, and would like to finish.  Latasha took advantage of the opportunity and is now enrolled with the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in their Certified Nursing Assistant program.

Dr. Chris Causey, Director of Schools for RCS, says he is excited at the new opportunities the district now offers, and looks forward to more participation as word spreads.

"The Robertson County Adult High School will change the face of our district,” he said. “It is for ages 18-108, and if you don't have a high school diploma, you now have the opportunity to earn one.  We don't just believe in just bettering the existing school system.  Our belief is that we should also be instrumental in assisting all citizens of Robertson County who aspire to equip themselves for success with a high school diploma.”



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