Laptop Shortage Met For School Beginning

Laptop Shortage Met For School Beginning
Posted on 11/02/2020

More than 2000 Robertson County Schools students were able to begin the 2020-2021 school year using a district-supplied laptop computer thanks to some efforts on the part of the district technology department, coupled with some gracious help from the neighboring Clarksville Montgomery County School District.


Just weeks prior to the beginning of the school-year, an order of 2,500 laptops was abruptly and completely halted, leaving the district without any clear ability to replace them in time for the beginning of school.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and school districts nationwide adopting virtual school solutions for their curriculum, school-applicable laptops were unavailable at that late date. 


Through some sleuthing, a member of the RCS Technology staff discovered that Clarksville Montgomery County Schools had a large supply of laptops that had been declared as surplus. That knowledge, combined with the urgent need to replace the original delayed laptop order, spurred a series of discussions between RCS and CMCSS, which ultimately led to the purchase and transfer of 2,000 laptops, days before the opening of the 2020-2021 school year. 


Prior to the actual transfer of units, CMCSS offered to help prep and load them with needed software, further speeding the process of handing them out to Robertson County students.  As a result of working together with RCS computer techs, the 2,000 units were programed and imaged in two days, before they ever left Clarksville. 


“When we got them, they were ready to go,” said RCS Technology Supervisor James Marshall.  “What a great thing we experienced with CMCSS helping us out the way they did.  In the end, they just saved us.


“We were able to deploy laptops to the freshman class at the beginning of school, as well as provide units for the 600-700 students who had opted for virtual school due to Covid.  As those students have returned to the classroom and turned in those laptops, we’re now using them for student being quarantined due to exposure to Covid-19.” 


While this year continues to produce uncertainty, thanks to the assistance of a good neighbor, Robertson County Schools was able to address a pressing requirement and deliver necessary computer access to students at the outset of the school year.  Education is truly a team effort, and RCS is indebted to CMCSS for their genuinely selfless teamwork and assistance.   

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