New School Year Preparations Continue

New School Year Preparations Continue
Posted on 06/19/2015

Some of the summer responsibilities include the continuing education of students through the summer school programs offered for both elementary and high school students.  Approximately 100 high school and 225 combined elementary and middle school students are enrolled in the summer program this year.

The opening of the new Crestview Elementary School in Springfield has added additional summer logistics to several departments, including transportation, maintenance, technology, nutrition and the RCS Teachers Center.

Supervisor of Transportation Jerry Partlow said his department is hard at work addressing multiple needs for the coming year.  The search for bus drivers continues, and new hires are being tested and trained.  New bus routes are being generated with the help of school bus onboard GPS transmitter data and bus planning software.

While new routes are not necessarily needed each year, this summer and next will require routing attention due to the opening of Crestview and the resultant restructuring of Springfield area routes.  Currently Jeff Massey, one of the individuals tasked with the routing responsibility, says the creation of new routes is not quite halfway to completion.

The opening of Crestview is also affecting the RCS Teachers Center and their goal of placing all needed textbooks in the proper classrooms for the opening of school. 

Coordinator Jessica Holt said her center handled more than 10,000 textbooks last summer and will double that amount this summer due to the Crestview opening and the resulting addition of new books and relocation of existing textbooks throughout the district. 

Handling all aspects of textbook responsibilities, Holt’s department purchases, receives, processes and then delivers to each school, every textbook used by RCS.  In addition, old textbooks are gathered, logged out of the system, organized, packaged and shipped out for recycling; a task that runs concurrent to the processing and delivery of new books. 

In addition to textbooks, the Teachers Center is also as available to teachers throughout the summer as it is during the school year.  Requests for laminating, posters, die cut materials, scanning, printing, and copying, along with book and dvd checkout are all part of the daily summer routine to provide teachers the resources needed  to prepare for the opening of school in August. 

While summer is certainly a welcome break for students and their families, it is a time to regroup, reorganize and recharge for most RCS employees.  This year-round dedication is necessary in order to provide the quality of education required for all RCS students to achieve and succeed.


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