School District Freshman and Teachers Utilizing Newly-Acquired Technology for Scholastic Achievement

School District Freshman and Teachers Utilizing Newly-Acquired Technology for Scholastic Achievement
Posted on 02/21/2017
The approximate 1000 students of Robertson County Schools’ freshman class have been using individual laptop computers since receiving them from the district in January. Teachers and students alike say the program is already changing the way they look at classroom learning.

Examples include, Jo Byrns social studies teacher Jennifer Mayo, who said her history class has been able to research projects that could not have been done prior to the laptops.

“My students researched scientists for a project recently,” she said, “and rather than having to consider just the few mentioned in their textbook, they were able to research any scientist of their choosing. It made for a much greater diversity of topics and increased the interest level on their part.”

Heritage High School English teacher Rett Roach echoed the positive response.

“Laptops have completely revolutionized my freshman English class,” he said. “The freshman honors' students use them every day via taking notes, reading complex texts posted on my website, or even taking unit tests. Our classroom has become almost paperless.

“From a teacher's perspective, I was a bit nervous at first to put that much responsibility on the students' shoulders; however, after discussing computer etiquette and the responsibilities that come along with the power of the Internet, the students have taken off and truly used that medium to enhance their learning.”

Student comments have reflected their overall positive influence, as demonstrated by Heritage student Krislyn Mercer who said, “The laptops have helped me stay neater, have a better understanding of google, and feel better about my school work. Thank you for these laptops; I hope we continue using them!”

The 1:1 freshman laptop program was piloted with the 200 Innovation Academy students, who were the first student recipients of individual laptops in the district. The district-wide freshman distribution began with the 2017 calendar year.

These freshman students will be the first RCS graduates to utilize this technology for their entire four years of high school.  Next year, the incoming freshman class of 2017-2018 will receive the same equipment to begin their high school years. When this year’s freshman class begins their senior year, all RCS students will be equipped with personal laptop units to enhance their education.
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