Springfield High Students Engage in Original Poetry Presentation

Springfield High Students Engage in Original Poetry Presentation
Posted on 04/13/2016

Springfield High counselor Josie Honaker knew she’d discovered something unique when she came across the Youth Speaks program facilitated by Southern Word in Nashville.  Her discovery led to a weeklong emphasis on poetry and public speaking that culminated in an opportunity for each student to publicly present an original composition.


Honaker was able to secure funding which provided for two Southern Word representatives to spend five days at SHS speaking in seven different classrooms teaching poetry standards.


On Friday, April 8, volunteers from those classes met in the school’s large auditorium, and under the guidance of the Southern Word instructors, presented original poetry based on personally meaningful subjects or issues. 


Students were allowed to pick any topic that was particularly meaningful to them.  Topics included subjects that were personal, social, and spiritual, among others.  As students prepared and presented their chosen subject, they often reflected accompanying deep thought or meaning that was attached.


Honaker said the entire exercise was in part therapeutic, and that based on the feedback received from her students, the week’s focus was enthusiastically embraced.  She said she’s hopeful that the school will be able to offer the program again next year as a repeat for those who participated and as a new experience for those who did not.


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