White House Heritage Patriot Pantry Program Targets Local Student and Family Needs

White House Heritage Patriot Pantry Program Targets Local Student and Family Needs
Posted on 02/03/2016

A community-supplied storehouse of food, clothing, blankets, personal items, and other materials exists now as a result of one parent’s call to White House Heritage High School assistant principal Kim Hass. 


Expressing concern and a desire to reach out, this parent suggested a pantry-style collection of items that could help meet temporary setbacks that families of Heritage students might be experiencing.


In rapid sequence, a Facebook page was begun, storage space was provided, the school’s PTO got involved, word got out, and items began pouring in.  Despite being a mere three weeks old, the program has gained a solid footing and is already helping to meet real needs. 


According to Lori Anne Wilson, one of the parents helping to catalog and store donated items; the project is growing rapidly.  Community members are kept informed by the Facebook site.  “We tell them what we need and what we’re full with,” she said.  She observed that it’s not just parents of students, but grandparents, parents of former students, and community members at large, who are responding.


Hass said the community involvement has been overwhelming.  “This community has the desire to give,” she said.  “It blesses them, especially to know that, for instance, you might be sending a student home that might eat a hot meal this evening.”


In addition to food items, articles such as blankets, coats, and even space heaters have been provided to meet specific needs in the brief time the project has existed. 


Hass said that Heritage teachers are at the forefront of identifying those students and families that may need assistance.


“Our teachers and community are in tune with these kids,” she said.  “They see them every day and have played the biggest part in saying, ‘I think this student has a need.’”  


Heritage Elementary School has also picked up on the project, and is in the process of starting a sister-pantry, modeled after the one at Heritage High.  Together, with the lead provided by Heritage High, they have coalesced parents and community together to reach out to their students and families who are temporarily in need. 



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