Graduation Requirements

Robertson County students who entered high school in the 2009-10 school year are required earn 26 credits to obtain a regular high school diploma. The number of required credit has changed as a result of the Tennessee Diploma Project.

English 4 credits-English I, II, III, and IV are all required
Math 4 credits:  Must have Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and a fourth math course; students must earn a math credit each of their four years.
Science 3 credits:  Must have Biology, Chemistry OR Physics, and a third lab science.
Social Studies 3 credits: U. S. History, Economics and US Government required plus one additional history course. Beginning in the 16-17 school year, students must have U.S. History and Geography, World History and Geography, and U.S. Government and Civics.
Lifetime Wellness

Physical Education
1 credit

1/2 credit
Foreign Language 2 credits (must be the same language)
Fine Art

Personal Finance
1 credit (music, art, drama, choir, etc.)

1/2 credit
Elective Focus

 Student must earn three credits within an approved Program of Study or Elective Focus

minimum of 4 additional electives


Contact your school's counselor for available options for the fourth year math course and approved Programs of Study.

NOTE:  Beginning with incoming Freshmen, 2014, the requirements for Social Studies have changed.  Students must have the following required courses:  World History & Geography; United States History & Geography; Economics (1/2 credit); and U.S. Government and Civics (1/2 credit).

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